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Fundamentals_badge Intro to Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets allow bankers to make billion dollar deals, financiers take million dollar bets & management consultants make the strategic decisions for the CEO.

Are you ready to learn about Spreadsheets? Type "Yes" in the cell B2. Make sure you get the capital letters right!

Nice Job!

In a spreadsheet, starting a box with the equals sign ("=") tells the Spreadsheet to calculate whats in the box.

Now, in Cell 'B3', type in "=50+50".

You'll see that B3 now returns '100'.


Now, in Cell 'B4', type in "=B3".

You can also use the "=" sign in a spreadsheet to pull the value of another cell. When you type "=B3" in, watch "B4" have the same value as "B3".

B2 fx: {{cells['B2']}}
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